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  1. lightbulb904

    lightbulb904 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 21, 2010
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    Hi, I'm not sure if anyone still frequents this forum or not but it seems to be a good place to look for help. Seeing how it's pretty clear that Tmobile will not be updating the mytouch anytime in the near future (if ever) I've decided that I will take the plunge and go the root/custom mod route.

    For reference I'm trying to install Cyanogen6 on a mytouch 3g with the 3.5.

    Now here is my problem; I've used the Universal Androot method to root my phone but I'm having trouble deciding on what to do next. All the tutorials and how to's are either not using that method or just old. I'm not sure if using an old tutorial with a different method of rooting is a good idea or not. Am I good as it stands? What would I need to do next?

    Sorry for the newbness; first time modding a mobile and all.

  2. Jnoc

    Jnoc Active Member

    Apr 11, 2010
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