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  1. cnkr

    cnkr New Member

    i scyn my company mail to my galaxy s. it recieve messages very well, but when i try to send mail to someone, they recieve it as spam.

    when i asked this problem to my it dept, they told me ur message id shown as "Message-ID: <soqxq89oo5dcay9fh97cmpu4.1309955556917@email.android.com>"
    however it need to be "Message-ID: <209D5DCE73C0FE468C37D6BC96388D7D01B44389@TSEXC.turksped.local>"

    so i need help on this. is there any way to change this id or is there any way to prevent my mails sending as spam.

    thnx. rgrds.

  2. cnkr

    cnkr New Member

    is there anyone who can help???
  3. DamianGTO

    DamianGTO Well-Known Member

    Well you need to setup your mail account right.
  4. cnkr

    cnkr New Member

    i made it twice. moreover, there is not a place to change that i mentioned.
  5. ssaran1965

    ssaran1965 Member

    The 'pinch and zoom' for text messages feature on my Galaxy S GT-I9000 has gone. I wish to regain it. It was there in Froyo version but not there in Gingerbread version. Any solutions??? Pl. help

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