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  1. regxicide

    regxicide Member

    can some one post a .zip for the vitality please and thanks.

  2. targon

    targon Member

    Do you need a zip of what?
  3. regxicide

    regxicide Member

    Of the stock rom rooted or a nandroid backup
  4. Faydes

    Faydes Well-Known Member

    Link: Custom recovery!

    i tried using it and got an md5 error, currently downloading a terminal app and fixing with

    Courtesy of Iandol off xda
    Will post with updates as well if i get a working nandroid or not.

    However on reg's side...if someone could get US a stock rom i dont have to do this crap and dig around for stuff to start working on modding the admire's files to ours.

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