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need some help

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  1. ONI95

    ONI95 Member

    What are some things i could do to make my captivate more updated and more powerful?Were can i find the unleash the beast tool?It says 404 when i click it. Can i have more than one ROM?What ROM do you recommend?And how can i play N64 games on it?
    Sorry for all the questions, i couldn't find any clear answers or any answers at all when i Google d them.
    My phone is Rooted already.

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    Things you can do:
    * Rooting is probably the first thing to do if you want to have a better phone http://www.androidauthority.com/roo...e-to-root-your-android-phone-or-tablet-10915/
    * Remove bloatware, useless apps that came with your phone
    * Remove the stock browser and install Dolphin browser, it's faster: Dolphin Browser is

    Unleash the beast:
    * I think it's useless know since it no longer maintained by the owner

    Can i have more than one ROM?
    * No, only one ROM at a time.

    Play N64 games:
    * Download N64oid: http://www.androidauthority.com/nin...e-bluetooth-controllers-simultaneously-26419/
  3. ONI95

    ONI95 Member

    The phone is already rooted.But now i ran into a problem, when i connect the usb and try sync it says "turn of usb storage" and to disconnect sd card frmo computer before usb storage".This is the first time i try to connect my phone to my computer.

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