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  1. neonfire999

    neonfire999 New Member

    I'm was looking at phones on Tuesday trying to decide what I would like to get. It came down to either the Blackberry Torch and an LG Optimus Chic (Android). They both have a similar plan (features are Blackberry has BBM/E-mail/Facebook/etc. and the Android has 100MB data and 10 numbers that I get free incoming and outgoing calls to), both costing $40, but the LG cost $0 on a 3 or 2 year plan and the Blackberry costs $150 on a 3 year plan if I'm correct. I have no desire to get a Blackberry, but my parents both have them. All that either of them know is that they love BBM and think it's the best thing around when it comes to communicating (as you can see, they are not the most technologically intelligent people). So today, my mom today me it was Blackberry or nothing, based solely on that reason. Also, my dad is saying that since they're buying the phone and paying for the plan, it should be to their advantage, which would be me getting BBM apparently and not "a bunch of games" (which apparently is what he thinks Android is all about... I need some help trying to convince her that the LG Android phone is the way to go. I've tried already to show her a alternative to BMM, PingChat, but she complains that (apparently) it's too hard to send a voice note because you have to record it and then go get it in the file system, while in BBM you just record it and press send. Any good arguments that I could use to get Android into their thick skulls would be awesome. I'm going out to buy this phone probably tomorrow night, and I might have the chance to debate with my dad tonight about this so quick responses are greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Some extra info. I'm 16. I'm also getting this phone on Bell.

  2. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    android had GPS so they can track the device :) not the best for you but that would be a huge point to them lol.
  3. neonfire999

    neonfire999 New Member

    haha ya :p the only downside is that I don't go out that often so... But it's still a good point I might bring up.
  4. Tslide91

    Tslide91 Well-Known Member

    Blackberry=cell phone on crack
    Android=computer with a phone
  5. neonfire999

    neonfire999 New Member

    Ya, they probably wouldn't really care about that either haha I guess I'm mostly looking for communication benefits on an Android.
  6. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    bbm is coming to android. you get what you want they get what they want. win win. for you win lose for them :p
  7. neonfire999

    neonfire999 New Member

    You win haha :p That's exactly what I need. Thanks so much, if I wouldn't have known that, I'd have no chance of getting an Android :eek: But now, I have a much better shot haha Weird coincidence as well that that rumor surfaces today of all days :p

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