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Need some testers for android game

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  1. HealthPackGame

    HealthPackGame New Member

    We haven't officially launched the game just yet but have been working hard on it. It's our first Android game and we are testing our OpenGL engine to see if there are any issues with various devices. Currently we've tested it on the following devices:
    - Sony Ericsson X10a
    - Matsunichi TC970 (Wi-Fi)

    Can you try it out and post if there are any issues.

    The game is "Monster Stack 2". Thanks!

  2. paulpach

    paulpach Active Member

    is there a link for the apk?
  3. TheBomar

    TheBomar Member

    I'll test it as soon as I can. Looks interesting.
  4. Kimimaro

    Kimimaro New Member

    Fun game but, when i click they spawn about a inch above where i click. Which is throwing me off. Other then that i have no other problems. Droid x2
  5. The_app_main

    The_app_main Well-Known Member

    Sent you a PM

  6. Kevets

    Kevets Member

    Works well on a stock, rooted and unlocked Sprint Photon 2.3.4.
  7. Onlireeks

    Onlireeks New Member

    I think I try it in the weekend. Looks very funny.
  8. puggster

    puggster Member

    I would gladly test it

    I have a htc wildfire, and android tv devices, would be interested to se how it performs on them :)
  9. OMAdev

    OMAdev Member

    Downloaded it from Google Play.
    It closes directly after launch :S
    Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 2.2.3
  10. icechen1

    icechen1 Member

    Does it work like Super Stacker (flash game)?

    Anyhow, I could give it a go on my Galaxy Nexus. :D

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