Root need step by step guide please .

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dan44762000, Oct 5, 2012.

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    i have cyanogen 7.2.0 running on my phone and i like it a lot .
    all i needed to do was boot into recovery mode and install the zip file i put on the root of my sd card (32gb) and all is fine .

    however i now want to make a partition and get extra valuable internal storgae as i am down to 32mb after clearing the cache on all apps .
    have moved everything i can too the sd card but still only 32 mb .
    even cleared the dvalrik cache with titanium pro .

    so what i need is a step by step guide for creating a partition and then using something like s2e or any reccomended app to move the lot over .

    last time i done it i messed up big time and lost acess too all apps and my phone wouldnt even boot but i just , went into recovery mode mounted my sd card put the cyanogen mod zip file on there unmounted and installed and bang everything working fine .

    so is there a noob guide to going through the steps to create the partition ?
    also i am assuming i need to completely wipe the phone off everything ?

    thanks dan

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    The recommended way of partitioning is GParted. If you like video guides, SUroot put one together: Using Gparted tutorial - YouTube

    If you want a step-by-step, look at this bit of the root memory faq.

    To play safe, what I'd suggest is:

    * take a nandroid backup first
    * then back up your entire SD card to a computer (including any folders whose names start with ".", which are "hidden" folders. ".android_secure" in particular must be backed up).
    * Follow partitioning guides above.
    * Restore SD card contents (assume partitioning will wipe the card, which is why you had to back up first).

    You should not need to wipe the phone. I don't know Simple2Ext, but if you add the DarkTremor script (a version of which was linked early in the CM7 thread at XDA last time I looked) you then type a command to start it up an it will move the apps and reboot. The procedure would be to open a terminal emulator and type:

    a2sd reinstall

    after which it reboots. Repeat procedure but instead of "a2sd reinstall" type "a2sd cachesd" and it will move the dalvik cache.

    I expect that S2E allows you to move stuff without a wipe as well.

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