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Need testers for fluid physics based game

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  1. Hi all,
    We are in progress of developing a game that takes inspiration from the hand held toy that was immensely popular in 90s. The game is completely free (no ads).

    The objective of the game is to collect the red balls in red basket and blue balls in blue basket. You can create a jet of flow and control the ball using gravity. Flow physics are accurately represented using a fully optimized flow solver.

    Just try playing the game and you should be able to figure it out quite readily.

    You can find the game at:

    We would greatly appreciate if you can test the game and let us know any problems or suggestions.

    Have fun with the game,
    The Think Tanks


  2. PandaHacker

    PandaHacker Well-Known Member

    will do :D Glad to help out
  3. Hi PandaHacker,
    Thanks for trying the game. Please let us know your comments so that we can implement your suggestions into the game.

    - The Think Tanks
  4. PandaHacker

    PandaHacker Well-Known Member

    Im so sorry for not responding. I would like to have some tutorial or instructions on how to play. I found it very confusing in the beginning

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