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  1. mach101

    mach101 Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    I have just bought a Samsung galaxy Gio, and need your help to do some adjustment to it.
    I have tried to search this forum and on Google, as I need to disable 3G to get more battery power, and also disable mobile data so that I can use the WiFi at home to connect to internet.
    I have looked at my Gio settings but it seems that it can disable both mobile data and the wifi at the same time and not the mobile data alone.

    thanks in advance for your help

  2. willox2112

    willox2112 New Member

    Hi, a good solution is to download the free version of Juice Defender from the Android market. Even with it's default settings your battery life will improve a few orders of magnitude. Juice Defender will also turn off your 3G/4G when you are connected via WiFi.

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket; pre Juice Defender I would get about 6-8 hours from the battery with light use. After Juice Defender I can easily use the phone the whole day (music, browsing, email, etc) and not worry about power.

    I also had an issue with the battery meter getting pegged at 100% all the time. Juice Defender seems to have fixed that problem too. BTW I am not in anyway involved with the app, I just love it.

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  3. mach101

    mach101 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help. I just downloaded it and it seems promising with more than 7 million downloads. Its nice that there are help out there to improve these devices performances.
  4. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    Easy Battery Saver is much better than Juice Defender. And it works wonders.
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  5. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    Omg just disable in Settings!
    Settings > Wifi and Connections
    Click last option and it'll open new window
    Disable packet Data and the one underneath it :D

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