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  1. Rooferkev

    Rooferkev Well-Known Member

    Hi, i'm running cyanogenmod 2.3.7 which allows me to move lots of apps to my memory card, however i've still never quite got enough spare space on my phone memory due to not being able to move any of the google apps (gmail, maps etc) and the apps that use a widget. So is there any way i can free up more space or maybe a list that shows me what is safe to delete using titanium backup ?


  2. De@n

    De@n Well-Known Member

    Any reason why you're not using S2E from the market?
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  3. Rooferkev

    Rooferkev Well-Known Member

    Because i've never heard of it :)

    Trying it now, thanks
  4. De@n

    De@n Well-Known Member

    1. Create ext3 or ext4 partition on
    sdcard (via Recovery or Rom Manager)
    2. Install S2E and configure it.
    3. Reboot.

    Enjoy having loads of apps :)
  5. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    The System partition in flash memory is too big for our rom, and there is alot of free space there, so what you can do is resize the system and data partitions by.

    This method will give you about 100MB free space in memory for apps.

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