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Need to re-install Gallery app - How?

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  1. Matreyu

    Matreyu Well-Known Member

    so my Gallery app for my Droid X doesn't work anymore. I'm not rooted. It opens, shows a real quick flash of an album or picture and then FCs. I have rebooted an ungodly amount of times.

    so is there a way/means to re-install JUST the Gallery app as this seems to be my only problem.

  2. Me too. Just the last couple of days... Is this a problem many have experienced?
  3. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member


    If you guys aren't rooted, then this belongs in Support. However, since you may have to root in order to reinstall, I'll keep this here. Mods and other guides, feel free to overrule my thought on this. I'm not married to it.

  4. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Well-Known Member

    The first thing I'd try to do is clear the data and/or cache for the gallery.apk. Menu >settings >applications >manage applications, then select the "All" tab on top. Scroll down to Gallery, press it and select clear data, if you can, clear cache also.
  5. Matreyu

    Matreyu Well-Known Member

    Just tried that it still doesn't launch. I removed all the pictures and movies i've taken too. I'm not rooted and I'd rather NOT root if it can avoided.
  6. ronhaha108

    ronhaha108 New Member

    I have the same issue, just started happening. I booted my droid x in safe mode and tried gallery, same issue, flashes for a second and then goes back to the home screen... Is there any sort of log that gets generated when an app fails or to view any exceptions generated?

  7. rhand

    rhand Member

    Same problem with my Droid X (non-rooted): Gallery flashes for a second and then goes back to the home screen.
  8. Bankswood

    Bankswood Well-Known Member

    Factory Reset
  9. triynko

    triynko New Member

    The same thing started happening to me. I noticed when i tried to send an email and went to select an image from the gallery... it opened for a second, tried to display the first icon for camera roll, then closed immediately. I guess that's the same gallery app that on my home screen, because it does the same thing, closing just a second after opening.
  10. I Spike

    I Spike New Member

    I tried clearing cache/data to no avail. So really, Is there no better suggestion than a Factory Reset?
  11. Legato

    Legato Well-Known Member

    The ususal solution to this is to clear cache/data from the Gallery app itself AND from Media Storage. Then unmount the SD card and reboot. Usually this will force the app to rebuild the database when you open it upon reboot.

    May i ask you a few questions, cause this has happened to me MANY times. DId you move a picture file from your gallery without using the gallery app, like using Root Explorer or Astro? I've done that twice and this has happened twice. Gallery is still looking for that file, but since it isn't there, it freaks out and just takes a crap. ALso if you put a .GIF file on the card, that can screw it up. Had that happen before. Deleted the .GIF file and Gallery worked fine agian.

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