Need to replace a Sensation - which Desire to choose

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  1. Boo25

    Boo25 Member

    Firstly - hello and sorry if this is in the wrong place/duplicated 79 times.
    Secondly I was hoping for a little help please?

    I have an HTC Sensation on contract with 16 months left to go that keeps turning itself off but I cant afford to replace it with a brand new one and have no insurance.
    I have been looking at Desires on ebay but am torn between the models. I can get a basic Desire for about

  2. Unforgiven

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  3. El Presidente

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    I had the Desire HD for a full 18 month term and gave it to my other half when I upgraded.

    Although it was heavily modded, even stock it was a great phone. It's relatively old now, but it still is a really solid phone, worth paying the extra for.

    If root and ROMs are your thing, there's a really great and active dev community behind it too.

    You might not have insurance, but if your phone is that new and on contract, you'll be covered under warranty though so it might be worth giving your network a call and seeing about getting your Sensation fixed?
  4. Boo25

    Boo25 Member

    Thanks, will check out the link but the guy in the shop started said the sticker thing under the battery had started turning pink which meant water was involved at some point. The only thing I can think of is if my water leaked in my gym bag but I'm assuming one H2O is in the equation all bets are off.
    And the Sensation isnt the original model I got on my contract, that one was stolen a month after I got it so the one I have is a recon off ebay - I'm not having much luck eh??!!
  5. Boo25

    Boo25 Member

    Super duper - cheers for that, will def give it a go and the beers on me if it works :D

  6. Unforgiven

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    I like a cold one, but I'd be happier saving you some money.:)
  7. Metroid Prime

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    Good luck man! :)
  8. Boo25

    Boo25 Member

    Spoke too soon, back to the drawing board

    So far so good, will report back


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