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Need to revert Continuum BACK to 2.1Support

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  1. Errorcode1337

    Errorcode1337 New Member

    I rooted my Continuum a couple months back to upgrade it to 2.2. Did it properly, was aware of the potential bugs, it all checked out fine to me. Got it installed, enjoyed it for a while, but now my phone is really starting to bug out on me. Having insane trouble multi tasking, freezing altogether, and now it's gotten serious enough that while it says I has a wireless signal, I can't do ANYTHING such as making phone calls or text messages.

    Long story short I want my phone back to it's proper 2.1 OS. Now I KNOW everyone here will simply tell to just do a "factory reset", the thing is that because of the new 2.2 OS in it, a factory reset doesn't revert it to 2.1. Actually it doesn't do anything at all. So is there ANY way I can get my phone back to it's legitimate factory-installed 2.1? Even if I can't do it myself all I need is someone to tell me if Verizon can do it for me, or some service or whatever. I just need it done.

    Thank you in advance

  2. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Well-Known Member

  3. SContinuum

    SContinuum New Member

    I think you might have to do it manually. Turn off your phone, then hold the power and volume buttons until a menu comes up. Use the volume keys to navigate, and choose "Factory Data Reset" by pressing the camera button. Then confirm reset. The phone should handle the rest. Then, activate your phone and follow the steps. Hope this helps!
  4. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Well-Known Member

    That would work if he was still stock. But, when you flash a new rom, it overwrites the old one. So, that original 2.1 is no longer on his phone

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