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Need Unlock code for SkyrocketSupport

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  1. ddshat

    ddshat Member

    How do I unlock my Skyrocket? I am going overseas and AT&T will not give me the code because the phone is still too new. Thanks in advance.

  2. davidkebo

    davidkebo Member

    I have use Samsung Unlock Client or there ebay store to unlock mine. Its the cheapest available and works great.
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  3. directore

    directore New Member

    I too have used www(dot)unlockclient(dot)com (for i577 ICS version). Instructions are a little bit too terse, but it worked and I used Win7 running under Parallels on an iMac. Also present on eBay.
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  4. zoofer

    zoofer New Member

    Over the past few days I've searched for the cheapest and quickest method for unlocking my new (for me) Skyrocket. I certainly didn't want to pay $25-35 and I didn't want to wait hours or days for my phone to be unlocked.

    But for each unlocking company or website that I saw positive reviews for, I would see just as many cautions to stay away from them. There just wasn't a consensus recommendation for a best unlocking solution.

    After looking over all my options, I went to eBay and searched for the Cheap&Easy Skyrocket Permanent Unlock by USB. It offered an immediate unlock of my i727 Skyrocket and at $17 was one of the least expensive. After paying thru PayPal for the service, I received a confirmation email within minutes with instructions for installing the Samsung USB drivers and unlocking software.

    After installing the software, I was only required to make a couple of keypad entries on the phone, then run the unlocking program. In far less time than it has taken to write all this, my Skyrocket was unlocked.

    Now, I will say that this method might not be for everyone. I have been flashing custom ROMS on Android phones for a couple of years, so I'm comfortable with installing drivers, entering programming codes on phones, and running programs that modifies the innards of expensive Android phones. If you've ever flashed a custom ROM or recovery on your Android, this method of unlocking really is a no brainer.

    Never flashed a custom ROM on your Android? If you've ever installed a new program on your computer or transferred music from your computer to your Android phone, you can unlock your Skyrocket!

    I am very happy with my decision.
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  5. Jabadam

    Jabadam New Member

    I have also use before Samsung Unlock Client on ebay store to unlock mine( cost only $17.00). It's the cheapest available online and works great.
    Thank You
  6. phosphites

    phosphites New Member

    I search high and low to unlock my skyrocket. I was expensive on some site; however on ebay, search for seller " aprivate" . They have a product call "cheap&easy Permanent unclock skyrocket" for $17. I purchased it and it was an instant email reply with a zip file. I installed the file and hooked my phone to the computer. 1-2-3, my skyrocket was unlocked with my Hong Kong sim card. I exchanged the ATT and HK sims three times to make sure it is consistent. It is a great site to have.


    Try it !! It works.
  7. cdragonm

    cdragonm Member

    So wait, is this item a one time use?
  8. mmiller2002

    mmiller2002 Well-Known Member

    Where do these "companies" come up with these codes/instructions?

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