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Support need usb composite driver for gt-i5500

  1. jonny4580

    jonny4580 New Member

    need usb composite driver for gt-i5500, I have downloaded all the files i need except 8 cant find the driver fo the downloading mode, all i get is a usb composite device, has anyone got a link to a composite driver fro the i5500 europa so i can use odin to upedate the software Cheers for any advice peeps

  2. TanetoBeach

    TanetoBeach New Member

    Hello you do not need that drive with the GT-I5500. just use the right ODIN version Odin Multi Downloader v4.28.exe and the EUROPA_v1.0.ops
    It will then be detected once the COM port is associated by Windows to the USB.

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