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  1. wildphins

    wildphins New Member

    I recently got my first smartphone ever, a Motorola Droid Ultra. I realize I do not use it the way most people do (no social media), and as a IT professional I am a bit disturbed by the Google integration. It is very difficult to get any functionality out of this thing without giving your private life over to Google. Google Now is a prime example. At first, I could use my Bluetooth speaker to actually place a call. Apparently there has been an update because now when I try, it is forcing me to use Google Now, which wants to sync my contacts. I'm sorry, but that is not necessary. My old, stupid phone was perfectly capable of voice dialing without spreading my information all over. Does anyone know of an app to accomplish this? The built-in app, Motorola Touchless Control, is too integrated with Google Now. Thanks!

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    There are a bunch of voice dialing apps on the Play Store. I think that Dragon Mobile Assistant may be worth a try.

    I used it a long time ago on Android 2.1.

    Honestly, I have little experience with this myself. I hate speaking commands to the phone anyway, and I have no problems with Google integration myself.

    If you don't want Google integration, an Android phone was a curious choice to make. Are you past the 14 day trade-in window? Maybe an iPhone with Siri would be a better choice for you?
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  3. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    I somewhat agree and would add ...

    I thought audio control was a stupid idea and then I got the Droid Maxx and find that I use it all the time. One person office. Sitting at my woekstation. Typing. I ask "ok droid whats up" and it reports any notifications that have come in since the last time I asked. I keep typing and simultaneously ask.

    I hated the idea of asking "ok google now" and through experimentation found that if I trained it with "ok droid now" I could use "ok droid" as the kickoff phrase. Others didn't seem to work. I wondered if it was an Easter Egg for us Mini/Ultra/Maxx users.

    I find that being able to have mirror images of my contacts and schedule on my workstation and all my phones is simply great. If I get a new phone it is just migrated in. The cost ... free and need to run two applications in Windows to sync with Google.

    I think that voice is the future direction and ok google now is in its first release.

    ... Thom
  4. wildphins

    wildphins New Member

    Thanks so much for this suggestion. I had looked at it previously and wasn't sure. After you suggested it as well, I decided to try it. So far for my purposes, it works great. I may explore more of its options as well.

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