Need working instructions to Root Nexus one 2.3.6

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    I want to give root permission to my android nexus one phone. It has,
    Kernel Version Build number - GRK39F. Android version - 2.3.6 I have unlocked the phone successfully. But I tried several links(the sticky ones and several posts in this forum) to give root access. Could not find any single working solution. Most links suggest to download a copy of superboot image matching my kernel version. I could not find one that matches the kernel version with steps to give root permission.
    Any help please.

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    I have unlocked my bootloader, and rooted using SuperOneClick. Now, after about 10 minutes of usb connection, my N1 shuts down, and hangs on the X at boot up after a series of vibrations, with five fast vibrations. A battery pull, wait ten minutes, and the phone boots up, normally. Based on what I've learned, so far, I need to flash, and I'm hoping this will solve the spontaneous shut downs, and hang at boot up.

    The most difficult part for this is that I'm having trouble finding the right instructions for 2.3.6 GRK39F. I have tried bexboot's solution, but it's no go for me.

    This is my first time rooting, and this has been a complete adventure, so far. Hopefully, someone can point me to some step-by-step instructions for CM 7, or whatever is best for my 2.3.6 GRK39F N1 at this point in time.

    I'm hoping someone who is experienced with this, and has the patience to walk me through it can help me through this last hurdle.

    Thank you!

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