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Needed: Widget that logs notes to calendar

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  1. drabidea

    drabidea Well-Known Member

    I am looking for a widget that I can type down quick notes and it gets saved to my calendar.

    I would love it to look like the google search widget where it is just a bar. You type in your note and it saves it to that days calendar.

    I have many uses for it and can't seem to find one. I could log my gym routine for that day, how many hours I spent at work, how many miles I ran that day, etc.

    Anyone know of one like this?

  2. drabidea

    drabidea Well-Known Member

  3. fairycorpse

    fairycorpse Active Member

    I have a pre installed task widget on my galaxy note that does that. I've never looked in the store for it But it might be there with the Google calander?

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