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Needin Some Help

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  1. VinceBrowning

    VinceBrowning New Member

    I apologize if this is the wrong place, and if so, please point me in the right place to post this so that I am not causing problems, and can hopefully get the proper help in the matter.

    So my issue is that I have a Motorola Atrix (the original, I think) model MB861. I would like to attempt to install Ubuntu on it as, to my knowledge, it meets the minimum requirements for the OS.

    I have successfully rooted and I am stuck.. I know that I need a custom ROM or firmware... yet I cannot find good information on where to get a ROM for this particular phone (I admit I know little to nothing on the subject, but want to learn). As I am in unfamiliar territory here, I was wondering if anyone could give me an extremely in depth "how to" on this.. or point me to some that will walk me through it barney style. Videos, Threads, doesn't matter to me. All that I am worried about is that it is clear for a "noob" so that I don't make a major mistake due to a lack of information or understanding of it.

    Of course I understand that I cannot hold anyone accountable for what I do to my device. Think that would be a hard point to argue when I am the one asking for the help in the first place.

  2. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    Check the "Everything Root" thread above or better yet, look on the Atrix forum page and there should be an "Everything Root" thread on that forum page.
  3. VinceBrowning

    VinceBrowning New Member

    One thing I noticed when looking on this site was that there was not a page for the original Atrix. Correct me if I am wrong. In the case that I am wrong, could you please point it out? I'm not easily offended so if I'm just and ignorant idiot who missed it when its right out there, say so.
  4. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    It's easy enough to miss, don't worry about it.
    The name of the forum is MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G. I'm guessing the 4G part is what threw ya a curve.

    Good luck in the modding of your phone & WELCOME TO ANDROID FORUMS.
  5. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Also, you may want to download the apps for this site. There are two of them, both named PHANDROID.

    One is a news only application, the other has both the news side(PHANDROID) & the forums section(ANDROID FORUMS).
  6. VinceBrowning

    VinceBrowning New Member

    Hey, thats probably it.. heh. Long term linux user but not too smart with phones. Thank You for your help. And I'll be sure to check out those apps.. Thanks for the info. Seems to be a good group of people here.

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