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Neo Hybrid cover question!Support

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  1. Talal5897

    Talal5897 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone. I have a question that has, well, annoyed me for ages now.
    I'm planning to buy a Spigen Neo Hybrid case for my S4. Heard all good things about it, but will L-shaped headphone jacks fit in the socket with the case on?
    Any help would be very appreciated. Cheers.

  2. cary328is

    cary328is Well-Known Member

    Yes it definitely should. The size of the headphone hole on the case is about the same diameter as a standard plastic drinking straw and the case is very thin.
  3. Talal5897

    Talal5897 Well-Known Member

    You're sure right? Because some people have been quite sceptical about this.
  4. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    May I suggest mentioning headphone jack and/or Neo Hybrid Case in the title of your thread? You may get more responses. :)
  5. Talal5897

    Talal5897 Well-Known Member

    Is there any way I can edit the title?
  6. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Select 'edit' and then select 'go advanced' and you can change the title.
    Zoandroid likes this.

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