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  1. Jedii

    Jedii Well-Known Member

    NeoCore is an OpenGL-ES 1.1 graphics performance benchmark for Android, using Qualcomm's Adreno graphics hardware (Engadget uses this as a test as well). Download it (free) and see what your results are! Post your results and lets all compare. State details on your phone (rooted, roms, kernels, stock, etc.).

    Here are the phones I have ran this benchmark on. (Each device I ran was straight stock)

    Motorola Droid X: 44.1 FPS

    Sasmung Fascinate: 55.4 FPS

    Motorola Droid 1: 24.3 FPS

    Motorola Droid 2: 26.2 FPS

    HTC Incredible: 26.2 FPS

    LG Ally: 40.4 FPS

    Just a comparison to see what all each phone and the specs are actually capable of.

  2. ThatsNoUser

    ThatsNoUser Member

    Whoa that was pretty cool

    Samsung Epic 4g

    stock rom, not rooted, all other tasks killed before running:

    54.4 fps
  3. Jedii

    Jedii Well-Known Member

    Fun to watch eh? Lol. From what I have seen, looks like the Galaxy S lineup is blowing away other scores.
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Stock Moto Milestone 24.7 :)
  5. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    Samsung Vibrant, stock ROM, rooted with lag fix, with no tasks killed prior: 55.7
  6. burningembers

    burningembers Well-Known Member

    I got 55.6 on my Samsung Fascinate. And yes, fun to watch :D
  7. ingcorra

    ingcorra Active Member

    32 fps htc legend stock rom 2.05
  8. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Well-Known Member

    This is probably biased to Qualcomm hardware. The Droids all use TI OMAP processors. Specifically says its for testing Qualcomm gpus.
  9. Jedii

    Jedii Well-Known Member

    That was my thought until my pal at Engadget recommended me to this app. Then I ran it on every phone that I could and the Samsung did much better that the Droid X and Droid 2 (both running the most current OMAP chips). Kind of interesting eh?
  10. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Well-Known Member

    The samsung is the only one i know of running the latest Qualcomm Hummingbird processor. Makes sense that it would dominate the numbers on a benchmark designed for Qualcomm GPUs. The fact that the droid x does 44 on a benchmark made for different GPU is pretty good IMHO.
  11. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    Could be true...certainly wouldn't be the first time a benchmark was biased.
  12. Jedii

    Jedii Well-Known Member

    Good point. I wonder why the Droid 2 did not fair near as well?
  13. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Well-Known Member

    Not sure... My scores were consistant with yours. running Rooted deodexed froyo build.
  14. Jedii

    Jedii Well-Known Member

    I honestly think NeoCore and Quadrant both need an update. Something has to be an error here. Unless im just imaging it.
  15. d1c1ple

    d1c1ple Well-Known Member

    55.5 stock fascinate :)
  16. jemkey

    jemkey New Member

    32.3FPS - HTC Hero (FroydVillain 1.5, rooted, FV kernel, o/c to 730)
  17. Big Dog KMc

    Big Dog KMc Well-Known Member

    Stock Vibrant.
    No Root.
    No Lag Fix.

  18. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

  19. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    55.5 Fascinate
  20. VanDums

    VanDums Well-Known Member

    I just got a Droid 2 a couple weeks ago and I do think there is a bias when my Eris only runs 2fps slower than my Droid 2. At the same time my Eris, rooted with 2.2 and oc'd to 710 had about a 400 quadrant score and my Droid 2 is 1457.
  21. Psyclone

    Psyclone Well-Known Member

    I believe that you meant to say Qualcomm Snapdragon, the Hummingbird is made by Samsung...

    Oh and 55.4 on Samsung Epic running leaked Froyo.
  22. dougiefresh66

    dougiefresh66 Member

    Hmmm I thought 28.5 was good for my stock brand new ( cuz I got my other one wet ) EVO was good ....guess not ...bummer , it looked good...
  23. satanovsyn

    satanovsyn New Member

    ZTE skate - Skatie ROM by CECO (CECO S2 kernel) - 52.2FPS
  24. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    58.6 FPS
    HTC Mytouch 4G Slide
    Stock, deodexed, rooted, themed.

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