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net10 apn settings

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  1. jharding1

    jharding1 New Member

    Hi there I'm new to this, I have a HTC one X which was a AT&T phone, I unlocked it and have a net10 sim card. I have had to call company and redo my APN settings three times in one month. Net10 tells me that I have issues with updates on my phone and this in not uncommon. Has any one else had these problems?

  2. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    It's by no means unheard of...but it is unusual from what I have seen to see that many changes on one phone. PM me if you want for a resource that might help.
  3. I am having a weird issue whereas I can send mms messages just fine, I just can't receive them. Someone told me that there was no guarantee that mms messages would even work? If I can send them then logic would dictate that I am also able receive them?! I'm using the apn settings suggested on the net 10 website.

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