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  1. GiantsCheated

    GiantsCheated Member

    Hello. I apologize in advance for my ignorance; I'm a computer security professional so I'm very technically smart but I know jack about phones. I've had a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I bought from Google back in 9/2012 up and running on the AT&T GoPhone prepaid network for $50 and was very happy. No complaints and considering it's my second smartphone I wanted an inexpensive monthly bill more than anything else. AT&T decided to raise their data rates for GoPhone and I don't want to pay them. So I got an activation kit for Net10 but they wouldn't offer me an AT&T sim card with it even though I know two people in my area that use Net10 with an AT&T sim card. So I went to my local AT&T store and asked if they could unlock(?) the SIM card I already had from them. The guy didn't really seem to understand what I meant so instead he just gave me a new, unused SIM card for free and said he was sorry to see me go.

    Long story short; will this work to get me on Net10? Thanks!



  2. bhero

    bhero Well-Known Member


    go to howard forums and look in the net10 forum and at the top is a sticky on how to order the net10 att sims.

    let me point out...just for fun now that i answered your question. the 50 gophone was never for a smartphone. i guess your phone slipped under the imei smartphone check. the new price is 60 with 2 gigs of data and lte when your phone and area support it. good luck on all fronts
  3. GiantsCheated

    GiantsCheated Member

    Not sure what you mean about GoPhone and smartphones. AT&T offers smartphones to use in that plan. Not sure what you mean about a smartphone check and I never had any issues putting my phone on that network. Also your information is incorrect, at least for my region, with regards to price. The new price is $65 for 1.5GB; not $60 for 2GB. At least that's what AT&T provided me for new pricing.


  4. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    Where did you get your net10 activation kit? The one my brother got just 2 months ago contained 3 sim cards, a normal at&t and t-mobile sim, and a mirco at&t sim for 15 dollars at best buy.
  5. GiantsCheated

    GiantsCheated Member

    I bough a Net10 activation kit yesterday from Net10 directly for $59.99 and free $14.95 overnight Fedex shipping. However, I didn't research it beforehand and couldn't circumvent them only offering me a T-Mobile sim card. I now know you can put in another zip code to get the AT&T card and still have it shipped elsewhere. Even though I don't need the T-Mobile sim card I'm not upset about spending the $10 for it because I got the free overnight shipping. However now I'm in the situation of needing an AT&T sim card that will work for my new Net10 account. I was hoping the one I got from AT&T today would work but 'bhero' is saying no, although he didn't elaborate as to why. I'm totally ignorant with this stuff so perhaps it's just common knowledge.

    Either way, the Radio Shack down the street from my office says they have net10 at&t sim cards for $10 in stock so I could just go grab one; right?

    Thanks for all your help and guidance with my dilemna.

  6. nbnesen

    nbnesen Well-Known Member

    I went through all this hassle myself. You do not need to get anything unlocked... nothing at all. The sim card you have pictured is a att sim and will not work. You will need to go to doller general... walmart... wherever carries net10 sim cards and buy the kit. Must be a net10 sim card kit. Not att. If you want to save some money then you can buy a att sim card off from ebay for a dollar. Yes only a doller with free shipping. Make sure to check if your phone uses a standard sim card or a micro sim card and search for att net10 sim card. Once u have the sim card you must also have a activstion code which is 50 to start the plan. Pop the sim card in to your phone and follow the online instructions on there website to activate.

    While net10 is great while its working, be warned that there customer service is complete crap and I really do mean that and for bring your own phone program they do not garentee everything will work... or will always work. Example... me and my wife use net10 with our galaxy s3. Service has been great for us for the 2 months we have been on it. We both have same phone... same everything. Even on the same account. While my phone has been working perfectly fine.. hers has only been fully working for half that time. She suddenly out of know where for no reason has no text messaging and her internet no longer works. We both have spent hours on the phone with them trying to get this fixed but truelly have no clue and even said to me they do not garrentee nothing other then calling. I even replaced her sim card with new and still no luck. Also, once you get your phone activatd you will have to edit your apn setting. There website will tell what settings you need. Or you can always ask on here as well or give them a call. Hope all works out for ya.
  7. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    I would like add that the nexus phones should be unlocked for any carrier, should you chose to use t mobile(if they have coverage where you live) as well as any att provider, the unlock you are talking about is for att branded phones.
  8. lilsleepy420

    lilsleepy420 Member

    The new price is actually $60/month unlimited talk messages and 2gb of data to the nation's fastest and reliable 4glte network and largest 4ghspa+ network. You can an additional gb for 10. Better than the old plans
  9. Hi,

    I didn't know that one can't unlock Nexus phones. So what I suppose to do if I'd like to unlock one of these devices?

  10. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    I believe the Nexus devices come unlocked to be used on any GSM network straight from Google...therefore, unlocking them isn't necessary.

    I should also add that as of October, 2013, AT&T SIM cards from NET10 and Straight Talk are readily available.

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