Net10 PRL update question

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  1. SwoRNLeaDejZ

    SwoRNLeaDejZ Well-Known Member Contributor

    Does anyone here know how you might update the PRL on a Net10 phone? I tried the two ways they describe on the Net10 website, neither of which currently works. If anyone knows how this can be accomplished, or if it is even possible on CDMA phones, I would greatly appreciate it.

    The phone is a T-Mobile Xperia Ion, through the Net10 BYOP program, my old Net10 phone had full 3g coverage in my house and my Ion has terrible service even where my other phone worked great. The thought is that a PRL update will help.

    Thanks for any info in advance.

  2. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    I'm confused about the CDMA reference and a T-Mobile T-Mobile is a GSM service, not CDMA. The Ion doesn't offer service on CDMA networks.
  3. SwoRNLeaDejZ

    SwoRNLeaDejZ Well-Known Member Contributor

    The box the phone came in specifically says CDMA right on it

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