Netflix app available with 1.4.1

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  1. FyrFytr998

    FyrFytr998 Active Member

    No sure if anyone noticed, but Netflix is now available for the Nook Color with the current update. No Hulu Plus though.

    Interesting. Wish I liked Netflix enough to try it again.

  2. FyrFytr998

    FyrFytr998 Active Member

    Out of curiosity. Has anyone tried streaming on the NC yet? I notice that some sites playback can be really choppy. Was wondering if the NC packed enough punch to stream vids smoothly.
  3. DoAndroidDream?

    DoAndroidDream? Well-Known Member

    Video works fine for me but I am not stock.
  4. bobstro

    bobstro Well-Known Member

    I tried it on 1.4.1 stock last night. Playback using Netflix, HBO and Max Go was adequate. Not exceptional -- everything's a bit pixelated -- but no different than I see running CM.

    Same experience as others with Hulu Plus. Doesn't like the device.

    I really wish I could get Blockbuster working on it so I could watch movies on the plane!
  5. FyrFytr998

    FyrFytr998 Active Member

    I figured as much with the pixelation. I wonder if and when they find a SD bootable version for the Tab if it will still be the same with the beefier specs.
  6. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Mine is rooted and the streaming is good. No pixelation. Watched 2 movies w/no issues
  7. nightelvesreasy

    nightelvesreasy Well-Known Member

    i watch netflix on mine all the time, even on poor wireless at work, its pixelated for say the first 5 minutes, not really bad but watchable, then gets better, granted its not HD quality, but its good enough in my opinion
  8. bobstro

    bobstro Well-Known Member

    Just to clarify: I see a bit of pixelation, but Netflix on a rooted NC running 1.4.1 is very watchable. The pixelation is minor, and not always present. This thing will never look as good as a 55 inch TV with a Blueray player, but it's great when nothing better is available.

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