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  1. michael916

    michael916 Member

    Today netflix forced me to update which sucks because now they audio and video are off. Before I was able to use a previous version and just have a green line on top but the audio and video were in sync. Now when i try to install the previous version I makes me update, when i hit cancel it closes the app. Any way to get back on the previous version?

  2. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    Go into manage applications click netflix and you should have the option to uninstall updates. Also afterwards go into the market and make sure auto update box is unchecked for netflix. If that doesn't solve it just uninstall netflix then do a Google search for the specific version you want. Good luck hope it works out for you.
  3. douglasr007

    douglasr007 Well-Known Member

    The new update actually fixes incompatibility issues from CM7. Yeah, Netflix supports the ROM.
  4. tensai

    tensai New Member

    The problem here though, is that the netflix app itself checks for an update. When you tell it not to update, it exits. There seems to be no way around this but to use the new version, which throws video and audio out of sync.
  5. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    Use titanium backup pro and freeze the market app, it should stop the app from connecting to market which then shows the updates. Most people do this to stop apps from getting updated through market, then when it comes to using market for an app, they would exit the app and unfreeze market.
  6. michael916

    michael916 Member

    Nope, freezing the market didn't work it still checked. Guess I'll have to wait till somebody finds a work around. Thanks
  7. ray1126

    ray1126 Well-Known Member

    here is the fix I downloaded version 1.2.1 because it works A/V are always in sync with this version the reason why is Netflix with there earlier version had code written into the program to make sure A/V was always that in-sync

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [APP][UPDATE][Netflix V1.5.2] Netflix Rotation Enabled Apps w/ Colored Loading Screen

    PS I spent a little over a hour searching today and I have downloaded and tested version 1.2.1 and it does work perfectly today is 11/17/2011 4:33pm PST
    also I was a little pissed off when they did that BS forced update because I had just spent another 7.95 for another month
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  8. michael916

    michael916 Member

    Thanks dude, it works again :):D
  9. dodgerdog1978

    dodgerdog1978 Member

    awesome! thank you for posting this im a happy man!
  10. MofH2012

    MofH2012 New Member

    The update netflix made me do for my tablet with ICS 4.0.3
    Now netflix with not work , comes on and goes off before worked so.. good.
    Called them they said was not problem and never had complaint, but on down load site playstore there is one after an another, i told them this and they said we read but never saw i said come on for real??
    They are looking out android uses because was told works great on windows systems!
    They might fix some time WHAT!
    I said all us Android uses will be upset , they said well?

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