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Netflix instant play issuesSupport

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  1. eveningside

    eveningside New Member

    Having a strange issue with my netflix app that started recently. I will go into the app and start a show (doesn't seem to matter what I watch), it will play fine until about the last 2 minutes. At this point it takes me back to the episode list like I had finished the episode (the progress indicator next to the episode shows the episode as being watched as well). I know its not the episode being incomplete as I can go back in and choose a point further than it cut off at and it will play for a little longer and then repeat the issue. The app is fully up to date along with the phone (not rooted btw) . Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and none of my other streaming devices are affected. Any suggestions?

  2. predatornut

    predatornut New Member

    I have been having the same issue for a couple of weeks now with no luck figuring it out. It shows the show is complete on the phone, but if I go to the netflix site it shows only 21 minutes of a 22 minute show. Hopefully someone figures this out, its very annoying.
  3. userguy123

    userguy123 New Member

    Same here--on a Vizio "smart" TV (which I'm almost positive runs some embedded incarnation of Android). The last minute of video feed either is black or freezes. Audio keeps on rollin', though--right through the surprise cliffhanger endings of my favorite shows. Pretty sure it's the app (or its android implementation). Thanks, Netflix--I see you've done some serious QA...

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