NETFLIX: What Are You Streaming Right Now

  1. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Thanks man, for the link. Logged into Netflix now and it toom me right to the series! I lime the 90s shows..This reminds me of the ome in Philly! I was hooked!.

    Adding yours to the list I the top post!
  2. GasPasser

    GasPasser Member

    Cat Run

    director john stockwell does his best early tarantino/ritchie take on this film. he doesn't succeed, mind you, but he appears to be trying harder at it than they have been lately.

    definitely worth watching. lots of exploding heads and violence. not a big dl hughley fan, but he has a couple of really funny parts in this movie.

    2.5 stars for the movie.

    + fortylevenhundred bonus stars for showing off the delishnuss of paz vega.
  3. GasPasser

    GasPasser Member

    there are tons of great foreign language films on netflix.


    pretty good Hitchcockesque flick - with more t&a, blood, attack dogs, poop, and norwegians than most Hitchcock films. 8 stars.
  4. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Ive watched a couple of foreign films too. Headhunter looks interesting!

    cool screen name by the way...rofl
  5. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

  6. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Any more shows rumored to be added to the NETFLIX library? We have our first new one listed "Arrested Development" (March 2013).
  7. GasPasser

    GasPasser Member

    thanks. when i pass gas, it makes people happy.

    watch Klown.

    i don't think i've ever watched a more inappropriate movie.

    5.2 stars.

    Klown Official Trailer [HD]: YouTube
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  8. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Hey Italo! Ive watch a little of Portlandia, I like it . reminds me of "Sunny In Philly" for sure. Thanks to Netflix Streaming, I have my 'custom season lineup' scheduled with recurring reminders on my android for the shows I want to watch.. I have a Saturday nite slot open...

    Oh no he didn't! ROFL.. GP, you must got some gifted "helium" or "lauging gas" to make people THAT happy! They must call you DR FEELGOOD

    Klown is very 'off the wall'... I like stuff like that. its not the normal coockie-cutter
  9. Italo

    Italo Well-Known Member

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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  10. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    that reminds me, do they have any of the originals that started the vampire serials like DARK SHADOWS?

  11. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Pretty sure you can stream Firefly and Angel if you need more of your Joss Whedon fix. ;):)
  12. capringl

    capringl New Member

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia...I'm on season 6...very funny...way better than I expected.
  13. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    You got MY vote on Philly! Theres a 90s stream posted here, similar to philly.

    Logged On? Click HERE: And Watch

    Hey, post your Netflix link. I am connected right now watchn some 911. Maybe check back here and click on an episode that you 'link'.
  14. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Excellent point, Dreadnatty. There might be a Firefly link...let me check.
  15. Italo

    Italo Well-Known Member

    Don't forget Dollhouse :D
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  16. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

  17. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    The Netflix List in Post #1 has been updated and resorted in alphabetical order.
  18. GasPasser

    GasPasser Member

    just into the first few episodes of House of Cards, and it's pretty good.

    in other streaming-related news, i started a free trial of Redbox's new service. very limited selection at this point. i won't renew when the trial is up. there's too many better alternatives out there (like - which is free).
  19. gerry142

    gerry142 Active Member

    Breaking bad, great show.
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  20. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    I am all into this series too! Just heard his tv wife from "Malcolm In The Middle" will be co-starring in the final season! Will be waiting for the release and glued to my NETFLIX!

  21. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    The NETFLIX Watch Now List located at the bottom of the main post, created by you the posters is being updated with hotlinks. If your contributed title doesn't have a link yet, please submit one.

    Meantime, if you have a Netflix streaming account, log on! Click And ENJOY
  22. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    so we canceled our cable last month and havent noticed one bit! Netflix is great! been watching mythbusters, oddities, and A LOT of movies!
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  23. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Awwe man! My Michigan breaux! you beat me to two good ones!
  24. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    ROFL! Someone suggested this series. Watched the first episode and now its added to my. 2013"Season Line Up" Now my Saturday nite schedules all booked....(might have to cancel a show or two..oh well, thats how the business roll.)

    Logged On? Click HERE: And Watch Episide 1!
  25. Reocyx

    Reocyx Active Member

    Star Trek the original series I am so in love with The bad 60's acting.
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