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  1. Hooligan77

    Hooligan77 Well-Known Member

    Now that netflix has been released to run on 2.2, anybody have luck getting it to run on the intercept?

    I got it loaded on mine, and it will start to boot up with the NetFlix logo, but then goes to a white screen, and I'm not able to sign in.

    I've tried just using the 3g and WiFi, and no luck either way.

  2. rmmize

    rmmize New Member

    I've gotten the program loaded and running several movies and tv programs, but I can't get the audio/video in sync. Which is too bad because if this had worked it would easily have been my favorite app. :(
  3. Hooligan77

    Hooligan77 Well-Known Member

    I think I am going to take the plunge into a Triumph soon, I like this phone, but just running into to many road blocks with all the things I want to be able to do with it.
  4. IceColdGlacier

    IceColdGlacier Well-Known Member

    The netflix for my Intercept runs like it is a freaky slideshow that have words. Not a good one. Maybe, you should get a better phone aka the later models.

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