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  1. willie62

    willie62 Member

    Can the Archos 7o play Netflix?

  2. ebusinesstutor

    ebusinesstutor Well-Known Member

    Yes, I got it working on mine. I think this is the apk I used. Don't upgrade to the new Netflix when it asks as it won't work.
  3. justinewatt

    justinewatt New Member

    I went to the appslib to look for netflix and cant find it, How do i get it? We put a video from my Itunes account and it won't play, it sticks. My daughter is wanting an IPAD, but if I can get this to do videos and games we won't need to.
  4. PerkinsII

    PerkinsII Well-Known Member

    Download "arctools" from AppsLib, then open it click download (inside the app under "Default Apps & Market v3.0.26) and let it download. After it's done downloading click install apps, after that's done (it will say it's done on screen) reboot the device. Now open market after reboot and add a google account, and click accept to the notice on google market. Now search "Netflix" in market and download. Hope that helped :D.
  5. rkuhn

    rkuhn Member

    Go to the appslib and download Arctools app. open it up and it will install the "Android Market". Now you will have all the apps from the Android Market available to you....Go there and get the Netflix app.

  6. PerkinsII

    PerkinsII Well-Known Member

    Thanks rick for posting exactly what I posted with less information a day later :)

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