Netgear modem and 7.7 compatibility.General

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  1. Ozzyjim

    Ozzyjim New Member

    Hi all,
    a few weeks ago i bought a gt 7.7 but could not get it to hold a connection no matter what i did so i had to return it. I use a Netgear N150 (DGN1000) Modem/router which is fine for my Gnexus, sgs2, and new iPad but not the 7.7 i purchased.
    Im still really keen on this tab and would love to get another one but first wanted to know if any 7.7 owners here use this modem and if they have connections problems with it etc. This way ill be able to determine whether the unit i purchased was faulty or there are known compatibility issues with my brand of modem.



  2. snitcher

    snitcher Member

    check the settings on your router and make sure it is down to 54mbps on the settings page and turn WPS off.

    hope this helps.

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