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  1. harr

    harr Member

    I was having some issues with my Youtube HQ so I decided to contact Sprint to help me fix this. While doing the troubleshooting the Sprint agent recommended, I noticed that my network connection stopped working. I contacted them several times trying to get an answer why is this occurring, but no one could give me an answer why was this happening nor fix it. I told them that my network connection was working fine up to the point the sprint agent told me to do the troubleshooting.

    Okay so this is what the agent told me to do. He did a phone refresh, after that he told me to manually do a hand free activation, and at the end he told me to update my firmware. Then he went on to say that the phone would work after an hour.

    Now I do not have a network connection at all. I go into my setting to connect my mobile network but I get this message "Disconnected because service is unavailable." I know service is available because I have 3 EVO's and the rest are working fine.

    Does anyone know what I could do about this?

  2. eieio

    eieio Well-Known Member

    Turn off the phone for about 20 minutes and turn it back on.. If it does not work call back they probably provisioned it wrong, happens often.. also update the prl when it comes back up.. it should be on on 60668

    Its annoying but probably nothing major..
  3. harr

    harr Member

    I actually left the phone off all night hoping that the problem would be fixed, but unfortunately it didn't. And when it comes to the PRL, when I was speaking to the sprint agent, I told them if I should update it because they did not have a clue what was the problem. So when I updated the PRL I get a message saying No PRL update needed. But what I noticed is that the network connection turns on but only for a few seconds and they it turns off. I have checked the PRL version and I on 60665 and not on 60668.
  4. eieio

    eieio Well-Known Member

    that is strange it should allow the update.. I have no idea of the top of my head why it would not let you update. I have to think about that a bit..

    Hopefully some one will come along that may have the answer, there are some very gift members here. Stick around and I am sure some one will help out soon
  5. harr

    harr Member

    Is there a way where you could manually update the PRL? Also like I have told said I have PRL version 60665. Is this an outdated version or what?
  6. eieio

    eieio Well-Known Member


    menu, settings, system updates, update prl..
  7. harr

    harr Member

    Thats the way I am trying to update the PRL. And I get the message that not PRL update is available. Again the network connection turns on, but only for a few seconds.

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