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  1. Idahoaviator

    Idahoaviator New Member

    I have had the new Samsung Galaxy S 4G for nearly two months now and EVERY WEEK it has network / connection problems, can't make or receive calls. I have to reboot every time to get it working again. Signal should not be an issue since my wife always has good coverage with her Nokia N900 phone. They have given me two new sim cards and that did not fix the problem. Anyone have suggestions or similar issues? Absolutely love the phone and how it works, but I am ready to toss the damn thing since I never know if it's working so I can receive calls... any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. cerara

    cerara Member

    i just posted a similar post. i have the same issues. love this phone, but its useless to me if the signal is this poor. i have worked in the same building for 15 years and had several cell/mobile phones and never had an issue. my Galaxy S 4G usually has no reception, can't get online, says "no service", intermittenly recieves text messages....driving me nuts!!!!
  3. cerara

    cerara Member

    Got a new SIM card last night. its a new phone!!!! works in the office now. works in the bathroom with all concrete walls. this phone rocks!! who would have thought a sim card would affect signal and data connection. been struggling with this of a month now.

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