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  1. CM_Audelio

    CM_Audelio Member

    Pretty much anytime i have my streak on wifi at home. And when I leave with my tab in had, I sometimes dont get any network connection, no E, 3G or 4G, if GPRS is possible, i am not getting that either! Anyone else having this problem?

    And sure the quick fix is rebooting the device, but the fact that it happens is rather odd. And I'm in a well covered T-Mobile city, San Antonio, Texas!

  2. Jamace1

    Jamace1 Member

    I have the same thing happen to me (among other things) and, unfortunately, you are correct about rebooting to re-establish the connection is also my fix for this. Very annoying lol.
  3. Nostrom0

    Nostrom0 New Member

    I've had the same problem.

    Works fine on Wifi, but the cellular connection failure requires a reboot.

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