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  1. toweliechaos

    toweliechaos Member

    For reasons I cannot fathom, nearly every time I unlock my screen, I get the 'Network Error!' message.

    The only times this doesn't happen are when I've left my wi-fi turned on.

    I've had a look in the settings, but can see nothing that might be causing this.

    Anyone got any clues?

  2. ggldn

    ggldn Member

    i used to have it, but i flash a lot of roms and it went away during the course of normal flashing and switching, if your rooted try flashing a different one, if not factory reset and if the problem persists go back to the store and start a riot :p
  3. toweliechaos

    toweliechaos Member

    I don't know if it was caused by another piece of software or what, but it stopped happening a few weeks ago for no apparent reason.


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