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  1. DistressedZTE

    DistressedZTE New Member

    have had zte from boost just over a month. loved it. worked great up until 4 or 5 days ago. brand new, never dropped, minimal apps... all of a sudden my 3G stopped working. for almost a week I cannot connect to the net. all of my incoming calls, texts, emails, and voicemails come in EXTREMELY DELAYED. when making calls phone jumps from 1x with 1 bar to no bars called fail due to no network. It also sits idle for nearly a minute before connecting a call if im lucky to connect. boost cust service talked me thru updates, prls, the boostzone network tests. finally was told to backup and do a master restore. i did it.... and I still have the same problem!! i use my phone for work and this is a huge inconveinience! not to mention my wife whos due any day now... i really need this network issue rosolved! clear skies and boost said there are no outages in my area. WHAT IS THE FIX???? thank you! if im late for the birth of my child because I choose a droid and boost mobile.. have mercy. everything was fine for a month... always had clear 3G. this issue was sudden! please help

  2. AntimonyER

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    I am sorry to hear you are having such problems with your new phone, and at a critical time no less! From the info you gave, I am going to guess you have a ZTE Warp, as that is the only ZTE phone Boost is currently offering. Here is a link to the phone forum.

    ZTE Warp - Android Forums

    I hope you are able to find something to resolve your problems.

    By the way, welcome to the forums, and congrats on the baby! May the birth be smooth, and the baby healthy!
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  3. DistressedZTE

    DistressedZTE New Member

    thanks for the kind words. ill try the link you sent. thank you. if you happen to catch wind of any boost 3G warp network issues please refer to my thread. ty, continued success
  4. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello and welcome aboard. Here's hoping that you will get the best help here on the forums.

    Thanks for stopping in to join us. :)

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