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  1. jgorm

    jgorm Well-Known Member

    I have a lot of network issues with this phone. Even when I have 4 bars of service sometimes I don't have ANY network, not even 1X. Then it will go to 3G, then 4g in the same spot if I reboot. I even have issues connecting to the internet (network error) while I'm connected to wifi. The 1x, 3g, 4g icon is off a lot. Sometimes I can get it back on if I switch to airplane mode, then switch back. Sometimes the airplane mode trick wont work and I have to reboot. Sometimes even a reboot wont make the internet work, but then 2-5 minutes later it will start working. Its pretty frustrating so if anyone has any tips on how to keep it connected to the network better I would really appreciate it. I never had any of these issues on my sprint epic (but I had other issues)

  2. rjparker

    rjparker Member

    I've noticed the same thing. I haven't figured out any solutions yet. Tonight mine turned itself off and back on, I also find that when using the internet, that it freezes and goes back to the home screen.
  3. mmanna

    mmanna Member

    In the beginning, I had horrible problems with my Stratosphere holding onto the data connection. It would typically work for no more than 15 minutes before the 3G indicator would disappear and never reconnect on it's own. It would sometimes reconnect if I toggled airplane mode on/off. It would always work again if I rebooted the phone (for another 15 minutes or so).

    My WiFi connection always worked consistently, except at one point when I had problems but found it was due to a proxy setting which appeared in my WiFi advanced settings. I didn't enter it and have no idea how it got there. The proxy field should be blank.

    As for resolving my mobile network 3G/4G issues ... when I was in a 4G area, that seemed to work pretty well most of the time, but it too would drop occasionally. I spent around 20 to 30 hours on the phone with Verizon Tech support, and my persistence paid off when they finally fixed MY problem. Obviously, I spent a LOT of time repeating the same stupid steps over and over, but had to patiently work my way up the chain. I was given unhelpful and/or bad advice by at least 15 different reps, but finally got somewhere. It turned out they had to switch me to or from a "Hybrid PRL" (I think they blocked the Hybrid PRL on my account so I get a native Verizon only PRL ... this has to do with their acquisition of Alltel, of which I was a former customer). In the course of all their troubleshooting, I did end up switching from my Alltel Datapak plan to a regular Verizon plan (for more money, of course!), but that didn't fix it until they pushed the new non-hybrid PRL to my phone.

    One of the other "symptoms" I had (which several reps told me not to worry about but turned out to be very wrong) was that my phone's "About Phone" / status screen showed my Mobile Network "Name" as "unknown" instead of "Verizon Wireless". My phone also never showed "verizon wireless" banner on the home screen, but it shows on my home screen once they pushed the non-hybrid PRL.

    I hope this helps and that someone else can benefit from my many grueling hours on the phone with tech unsupport.

    Not sure if everyone with this phone should have the same PRL, but my PRL number now that it's fixed is 15075. Prior to that I think it was 14001 or something like that.

    I absolutely love this phone now that I can maintain a 3G connection all day long. I can't imagine how much more I'll love it when 4G gets here in the next few months!
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  4. jgorm

    jgorm Well-Known Member

    Its really pissing me off. The setting under the about phone, status, says network disconnected when its not working. Sometimes turning wifi on and off will get 3g or 4g to come on. Sometimes the airplane mode will get it. Sometimes a reboot will work, but sometimes none of that works at all. I have the same prl, 15075.
  5. ekloot

    ekloot Member

    I've been noticing similar issues with losing 4g and then briefly having no data and then being stuck on 1x or 3g for a while. Mine always returns to 4g on its own after 5 or 10 minutes. It doesn't sound like its happening to me nearly as much as you or as severely. Still, its pretty annoying. Mine never did this the first couple weeks I had it. And I haven't seen it do it this much until this weekend. I'm in a suburb of chicago. I wonder if they are doing work to their network this weekend near me. I've seen thunderbolt, charge , and bionic owners complain about similar problems I have to wonder if its a problem with verizon's network in general
  6. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

  7. jgorm

    jgorm Well-Known Member

    I got a new sim card and it worked 100x better.
  8. bubbalv29

    bubbalv29 Well-Known Member

    The problem is with the authentication protocol Verizon uses for its 4G phones. I live in an area with no 4G, so I just used an app to dig into my settings and disable it. No problems after that. Ehrpd is still pretty new, once Verizon gets all the bugs ironed out, I'm sure they'll send out bug fixes to the offending devices, like our Stratospheres.
  9. lkreykes

    lkreykes Active Member

    My first phone was a LG Scoop for Alltel back in like 2008. We still have an alltel talk and text plan, but it wasn't until Verizon got Alltel that I got a smartphone. I have an unlimited data plan. There is no verizon banner anywhere on my screen, in "About Phone" it also says my network is "Unknown" and my prl is 14012. Not the one you said should be for verizon. What should I do? I live just outside of Traverse City, michigan, and we just got 4G Lte on june 19th. My dad has a rezound with the alltel plan, and his phone holds onto 4g for a ways outside of the city limits, but my stratosphere sometimes drops to 3g before I'm even that far outside of town. I don't have any 3g or 1x problems, I just noticed that it doesn't like to hold onto 4g that far out. Should I get my prl changed?
  10. megbball

    megbball New Member

    I am having issues as well. When I am at school and I wanna go on facebook or something, it won't let me onto the page. It'll say that it is still loading. Then when I go to my messenger, it will only show some contacts instead of all of them. It's annoying. Then when I'm not at school, it'll go from 4g to 3g and back and forth.

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