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  1. Micky Verdi

    Micky Verdi New Member

    My son has a Samsung Galaxy Y (Android 2.5?) , while I have an HTC Desire X on Android 4.0.
    On my Android 4 device, when I click on Music, I am given an option to find "Media Servers". If I do that while connected to my home Wifi network, I can see my networked PCs and play the music they hold on my phone. My son would really like to do the same on his Galaxy Y. Has anyone come across a (preferably free) app that offers this?

  2. GShum

    GShum Member

    I use ES File Explorer. I can go to my PC and/or NAS and open all kinds of files, including audio.

    I think BubbleUPnP might be the solution you'll want.

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