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network tools

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  1. mr_fruitbowl

    mr_fruitbowl New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 9, 2010
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    Hey guys i'm still not sure if i'm going to buy the desire. One thing that would really help me buy it is if I knew there was some great development tools out there for it.

    Specifically networking tools, spoofers/pack generators/wifi hacking/crypt and decrypt software....just some interesting network tools to play around with and increase my knowledge of networks in general.

    I know there are some good development forums out there for android but how easy is it for the average guy to develop for it? I've only a bit of experience with XNA, how would I find programming for android?

    Also if the OS is open source how come we have to root it?

  2. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2009
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    The SDK is Eclipse IDE with an Android plug-in.
    --> Android SDK | Android Developers
    Coding for Android is almost entirely like coding Java, you are just targeting a specific platform.

    As for network tools, here's what I've got on mine right now:
    Wifi Analyzer
    These three are neat for finding and peeking into open networks and hosts. I have not looked for spoofing and other outright cracking tools.

    You have to root it, because if you don't need it you shouldn't have it. Almost every Windows user is running with admin privileges, this is a security nightmare. Almost every BSD/Unix/linux user is running with user privileges, but can call up root access if and when needed. Android just uses the latter approach. :cool:
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