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  1. rymanh

    rymanh Well-Known Member

    I was on the telus website today and noticed that the 2.3.3 update is no longer there, and instead there is a 2.1 update.. I was wondering if anyone with the 2.3.3 update has tried doing it?

  2. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Unless you want to brick your phone, don't suggest on trying this... And Telus probably pulled the update because of all the returns they got. ;) Which would mean 2.1 is now the v10d version.
  3. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    Telus has sent me 4 warranty refurb phones. The first 3 all had v10c (crippled international roaming, plus some unrelated issues). Each of the three, I tried the LG 2.3.3 update and crippled the Voice Control and had the wifi/blackscreen issues to various degrees (the last one was actually not too bad and I was leaning to keeping it, but the loss of the Voice Control and other quirks was just too much to bear.) The fourth and last phone was shipped to me last week with v10D which made me very happy. I just ran this phone thru the LG Mobile Updater and it tells me that I have the latest version of the software and that I do not need to update. So it looks like LG/Telus has formally pulled the plug on the 2.3.3 update (for now) even though their Shine Plus website says that 2.3 is available on their new phone (?). It's too bad I just sent back the last 2.3.3 phone yesterday. I would have liked to see if this current update will roll back the phone to v10d.

    Anyways, I am where I was about a month ago and no worse for wear other than a lot of wasted time and effort. For those of you who were out of warranty with a 2.3.3 crippled phone, see if the latest update will roll back your phone to v10d. If not, I would suggest that you call Telus and ask for a warranty replacement phone regardless. It was not your fault. You followed the recommendations of Telus and LG and they crippled your phone with a botched update.
  4. rymanh

    rymanh Well-Known Member

    it would be nice to know for sure, but maybe it's just better to ask for a warranty refurb phone just in case the update/revert makes things worse..

    I've actually gotten used to working around the problems that came with the 2.3.3 update the main issues for me were the wifi giving me an error message and causing the screen to sleep.. I installed a quick reboot app and disabled the boot animation ( yes my phone is rooted) and if the wifi shows an error message i just reboot my phone and Voila!! no more battery pulls!

    only got to make it a few more months and I'll have a new phone so I guess I can live with it until then..

    it's a shame that the update had so many bugs! even though the Shine plus is a little under powered and a little slow.. it is still a well built phone that can take a lot of abuse not to mention the keyboard!
  5. jparasite

    jparasite Well-Known Member

    Just noticed this today when trying to update my second-hand model. Can't seem to get to 2.3.3 to do custom kernel work, so I'm out for the time being.

    Unless someone has a way of flashing V20a baseband?
  6. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    There are some dumps of kdz files for v20a for this phone. I'm not sure anyone has tried flashing them or not directly. It's probable that this will correctly update your baseband.
  7. jparasite

    jparasite Well-Known Member

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