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  1. yoo992

    yoo992 New Member

    Hey everyone!

    I'm new to the entire android operating system. I currently own the Blackberry Bold 9700, iPhone 3GS, and now, the G2X. (I used to also have the HTC HD7. Call me spoiled :p)

    Well anyways, here's my problem.

    On all my other phones, when I get a text message or any type of notification, a pop up occurs telling me what's new. However, I am thoroughly annoyed because my G2X isn't doing this!

    Is there any type of setting I can set up so a notification pop ups when I get a text, facebook notification, etc.?
    All I see is a tiny little bar near the top of the screen telling me of my new stuff...

    Also, I know there is a way to download 'free apps' that are normally charged. Tips on getting started to so called 'jailbreak' this device so I can do so?

  2. Matt3166

    Matt3166 Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    I have a G2x as well. Unfortunately android doesn't have built in messaging popups like your looking for, you need to download an apparently from the market. There are some that are just popups like, "SMS POPUP" or full on replacement apps like, "Handcent", "GO SMS" and "CHOMP SMS"
    The nice thing about all those is that the popups allow you to reply right there and then without having to take you to the actual messaging app.
    That's the best you can do. Hope that helps.
  3. yoo992

    yoo992 New Member

    Ah. Well that sucks..

    Is there any way to get free apps?
    Like jailbreaking on the iPhone?
  4. yoo992

    yoo992 New Member

    Also, which one out of those listed do you think is the best?
  5. dopejayoh

    dopejayoh Well-Known Member

    It all depends on what your preference is. If you like the stock sms style and just want the popup window to come out every time you receive a text message, then SMS popup is the one you want to go with.

    If you're looking for not only the popup window, but also a way to personalize your inbox and conversations for sms then you'd have to choose between handcent, go sms pro, or any other sms application that allows you to do that.

    I used to have Go SMS pro myself and I prefered that one compared to Handcent but to each their own so give them a try.
  6. Matt3166

    Matt3166 Well-Known Member

    Like dopejayoh said its really what your looking for and they are all free (Handcent and Chomp has ads which if you want to get rid of you can then pay to get them off)
    I pretty stock so I use SMS Popup

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