NEW 3D Game - "Amoeba - Public Beta" by Solvent Studios

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  1. Rghol5212

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    Dec 27, 2012
    Hello everyone! My name is Ryan Gholson and I am one of the lead developers of Solvent Studios. We have been working on our first title over coming many hurdles and learning an incredible amount as well. We are so proud to present to the world Amoeba: Big Adventures Come in Small Packages.



    Solvent Studios presents Amoeba! The microscopic adventure with big fun. Gooey is a mutant microbe with a lust for life, who travels through a series of environments avoiding danger, collecting coins and stars, and along the way, meeting and eating other microbes whose powers he absorbs. Little does he know, he's part of a grand experiment, and his successes are concerning the scientists observing him...
    This addictive 3-D side scroller is ideal for children 5+ and anyone who enjoys casual gaming. Our Public Beta features ten full levels and a challenging final boss. We want to hear your feedback and ratings, so please let us know what you think! If you're reporting a bug, please mention your device model in the feedback.

    Thank you so much for all support and downloads and even more important FEEDBACK! We always love to hear what our players and even other developers have to say. Were always looking to learn and improve our games for a better playing experience.



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