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  1. shawnb1003

    shawnb1003 Active Member

    As you know, MetroPCS decided to step up their game, and rolling out new LTE Coverage in areas where it wasnt before, Well i personally, live in Woonsocket, RI, Which NEVER had 4G coverage, until last night when i turned on my phone.. i saw "4G" up in the signal indicator, so i called metroPCS and i am now to say on the 70$/mo rate plan (75$/mo w/ insurance & Ringback tone, i am on a family plan)
    Needless to say, 4G is now in Woonsocket, & Lincoln Rhode island


    & FYI: Messing with "LTE Functions" to turn it on / off, screws it up.. My phone can only switch from 1X to 4G if i turn my phone off and back on, however, if i leave a 4G Area, it will go back to 1X

  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Good news!
  3. shawnb1003

    shawnb1003 Active Member

    Yeah for some awkward reason, My phone will go from 4G one minute, then later when i go check my SMS, i have NO data connection at all... Something screwy ever since i Rooted my phone and ever since i have had 4G in my area, Sometimes it goes back to 1X and other times it goes to either 4G or no data connection & i KNOW for a FACT that my area is 99% covered for 4G as my buddy has the SAME phone and his phone is in 4G all the time.. So something is wrong with my phone

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