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  1. kiroshi23

    kiroshi23 Well-Known Member

    i need some help on this plz
    im geting this phone soon but the new plans got me confused. ok im getting the 50 plan do i still get unlimited web on 4g or if i pass the 2.5 gb limit im done with 4g for the month. im hoping the data cap is only for streaming thing cuz this is what is stats "Unlimited MetroWEB" but it does not mention on 4g and "First 2.5GB of music, video and other media at up to 4G LTE speeds." does that only meant streaming media or just using the web too

  2. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    If u pass 2.5 you get slowed down to 3g or 1x

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  3. kiroshi23

    kiroshi23 Well-Known Member

    dam that sux. does 2.5gb last you a month
  4. LouCash

    LouCash Active Member

    Everyone has different usage and its hard to set an expectation.

    This too is for another service provider but it still would help give you an idea or picture of what kind of usage you could get out of 2.5GB.

    Hope it helps.

    AT&T Data Calculator
  5. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    In three weeks time I went through about 1GB of data, but about 300MB+ was for initial downloading of apps. I do not do much streaming of media.
  6. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    You can get about 17 hrs of video streaming with 5gb of data

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