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  1. bl665

    bl665 New Member

    Hey everyone I'm very new here and actually to be quite honest... did not know my phone could do any of the things I've been seeing on the forum so far. Actually excited that I bought it ")

    I'm interested mostly to do a custom theme like I've been seeing and also maybe learn of a few other things I never knew These phones could do.

    First question I have is what is being
    ""rooted"" ??

    I also would like to know how to get pics and vids to go straight to my SD card. Possibly music and/or Apps

    Any help is greatly appreciated
    Hopefully I can learn from you all ")
    Thanks !!

    Well update...

    I just rooted my phone I now have Super User installed
    SO what can I do with this app I dont know how to use it lol

    Also what is a Custom Rom ?

  2. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    Well being rooted allows you to modify anything within the software system of the phone.
    There are apps that need root. A few good apps are:
    -Adaway (gets rid of ads in the web browser and in apps)
    -Rom Manager (only use this on WiFi! Flash recovery twice. Choose Optimus C each time!) -This flashes a custom recovery and is the second step to putting on a custom rom. (To boot into recovery: from powered off press volume down+home+power)
    -Titanium Backup (backups all your apps, texts, etc.)

    The pics and vids you take with your camera go straight to your SD card as well as music. Apps2sd is what you need to google to make apps automatically go to SD card. Install a custom rom first though.

    Before installing a custom rom, while in recovery make sure you backup!
  3. bl665

    bl665 New Member

    Ok Thanks adaway would be nice due to metro lol

    Ok So before I got superuser I had to do the recovery (hold home voulme down and top button) to reset it. Does this mean I have to do this again ??

    and install rom manager before hand ??

    Don't mean to be a newb but I don't get what you mean by custom rom

    Isn't rom manager a custom one ??
  4. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    Rom manager is an app that installs a custom recovery and custom rom, currently you are running stock recovery and stock rom, when you enter recovery after flashing custom recovery you get a menu where you can make'll see.

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