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  1. Kim Louise

    Kim Louise New Member

    Hi i'm new to this site and also new to smartphones in general... I bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 a couple of days ago and have been trying to figure out how to use it, think i'm getting the hang of it but there are just 2 issues I can't seem to resolve, was wondering if anyone on here could help me? :)

    Problem 1 - How to save pictures from webpages?
    I've googled this and looked on various sites and a lot of places say press and keep your finger on the image you want to save until some 'options' come up... I have tried this time and time again on various sites and different images, tried pressing and holding for different lengths of time, tried changing the image size (zooming, making the image full size, zooming out) I know I have enough memory to save pictures because i've got a mini SD card, but nothing seems to work... :/

    Problem 2 - How to assign a photo to a contact?
    I know this should be an easy one but it doesn't seem to like me! I have the image saved on my phone I want to assign to a certain contact, and I have the contact saved in my book. When I click on the photo there is an option to 'set as' , 'contact icon'... which i've tried but when I click this it says 'no contacts'. Even if If I search for the name of the contact in the search bar at the top nothing comes up, as if i have no contacts on my phone, but I know I do because they're in my contact book/list. There seems to be no option to assign a picture to the contact by 'editing' it, all I can change here is name and number?

    I know these are only minor problems but I would really appreciate any help or advice anybody could offer me on these issues, thanks for your time :)

  2. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

  3. Kim Louise

    Kim Louise New Member

    Thank you, wasn't quite sure where to post my questions so i'll go to the link :)
  4. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Active Member

    Ok I am pretty new to smartphones (and Ace II) myself, but I think i can help you with those problems!

    1. I've saved a photo from facebook (not sure if regular webpages will be the same) but i'm pretty sure I pressed the "hard" button on the bottom left of the phone under the screen...i'm pretty sure that button basically operates as the option button for a number of differnt things.

    2. I had the same problem and my guess is that all of you contacts are saved to your sim card? Therefore the sim card doesn't have enough memory to store a photo for a to solve you issue you have to import your contacts from you sim to either your phones memory or to your gmail account - assuming you have synched your phone with gmail (to do this go to contacts and press the same button as i described earlier, the import/export will be either under options or settings i believe).

    Now doing the above will give you duplicate contacts which of course is annoying, but in the contacts options menu you can choose what contacts are displayed, so just untick the sim card option, it wont delete the contacts from your sim just hide them and that will get rid of the duplicates!

    Sorry for the non definitive descriptions there, i just dont have my phone right now so cant actually check for sure!
  5. Kim Louise

    Kim Louise New Member

    Thank you so much for your help! :D
    I will try again at saving pictures from Facebook using the button you referred to, after posting my questions I realised that some websites also have their own way of letting you save an image... For example 'Tumblr' has a little icon with 3 dots on at the top right of the screen - this has a drop down menu and an option to 'save image'.
    I also followed your instructions to import my contacts to my phone and hide the ones on the sim and now I can attach pictures to all my contacts : )

    Thank you again for the help, i'm really grateful for your reply. Hopefully this thread can help others if they come across similar difficulties too haha! :rolleyes:
  6. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Active Member

    No worries!

    About the saving image bit, I just tried there and the button i described does work for facebook, but instead of saving the picture it just says "set as" which may or may not be what your after....

    On google images though, once i pressed the "see full size image" and the picture was shown fully, then pressing and holding the picture brought up the "save as" options..

    So I guess it really depends on the website, some will use the press and hold function, others will use the options button.
  7. Okay, I might be missing something here. To save a picture from a website, hold your finger on the image you want to save. A menu will pop up and then scroll down and select 'save image'. That's using the stock browser. It's basically the same in every browser I've tried. I use Opera and it's the same in that too. It really is that simple! And I've no idea what you guys mean about using the hardware button, how does that work? I can't see any options.
  8. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Active Member

    It seems only be relevant to facebook....pressing and holding on a photo there and nothing happens, so using the hardware button brings up the "set as" option where the image can be used as contact icon among other things!

  9. Ah right, I'm not on Facebook so that's why it didn't make sense! Thanks for clearing that up.
  10. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    not on FaceBook.............!!!! surely not, I thought EVERYBODY was on FB!! haha ;)

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