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New Android Phones Coming to TMo

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  1. ManLike

    ManLike Well-Known Member

    TMobile's CTO said the follow-up device to the T-Mobile G1 will be out in early summer and details of the release would come later this month.

    T-Mobile USA

  2. durhamite

    durhamite Member

    it could also be the mytouch3g or HTC Magic. it also runs cupcake. I am hoping it is the samsung... that is the one I am waiting for.
  3. ManLike

    ManLike Well-Known Member

    "He (the CTO) wouldn
  4. ManLike

    ManLike Well-Known Member

    OK, you win one of the two guesses, it's the MyTouch 3g for certain.

    I'm guessing since we don't have any other announcements of Android phones staring us in the face that the 2nd phone is probably the i7500.

    Blast, I really wanted to see the Bigfoot before I decided which Android phone to get, but the specs on the i7500 are so sweet..... I just long for a hardware kbd. Testing out the soft kbd on my wife's G1 to see if I can deal with it.

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