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  1. Michael_

    Michael_ Member


    I've a question to you all: Are there any Android phones about to release soon? (within now and 6,7 months?)

    Because I have a subscription with a Sony Ericsson Satio since April this year for two years. But my provider has messed things up. I got the Satio now, but I asked at the store when I can change my subscription/cellphone and he says I could do this since April this year.

    A problem to their side and to me it seems good. But is there any phone with a very good camera like SE Satio, Nokia N8, Nokia N82 in combination with an Android OS? Or will it released within the next half year?

  2. Michael_

    Michael_ Member

    Nobody that is able to help me?
  3. MajorProbes

    MajorProbes Well-Known Member

    There's a few posts about the new desire hd in these forums, have a quick browse and see what you think?

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