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New Android set top box

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  1. shadman2

    shadman2 Member

    New Android set top box for sale. $130
    CPU 1.2GHz Android 2.3 TV Set-Top Box TV as a PC WIFI Google HD IP TV Stream, Web Browser on TV 864-314-8188 or pay to paypal at silverline@charter.net or send me an email at xcash2@yahoo.com

  2. horsis

    horsis Member

    can u give me more info on thisproduct and pic if u have
  3. shadman2

    shadman2 Member

    ANDROID TV SET-TOP BOX allows your HDMI TV to function as:
    1.Internet TV
    2.Internet Browser
    3.On-line Shopping and Banking portal
    4.Multi Media player (Down load or off memory)
    5.Social network portal(Face Book ,Twitter,etc)
    6.Download Games
    7.Download Applications
    8.View and share photos
    9.SKYPE/MSN friends and family
    10.Send and Receive emails

    WITH ANDROID TV SET-TOP BOX your TV now becomes an affordable interactive Home PC that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


    1. Rockchip RK2918 , up to 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8
    2.1080P media+3D GPU2. DDR?512MB RAM, 4GB Flash(free space 2.6GB arround)
    3.Android 2.3 operating system
    4.Wi-Fi, Ethernet
    5.Full HD 1080P hardware video decoder
    6. Video Support: RM/RMVB, MPEG, MKV, AVI, FLV, VP8 up to 1080P
    6.HDMI1.3 interface
    7. Audio L/R: Left & Right ster
    8. 2.4G wireless control
    12.Built-in Adobe flash player 10.1
    13.Full inrerner browser
    14.Emali,Instant messenger (Let me know if you see the picture of it)
    16.Online video,music and games
    17.Support Extent Wire mouse or wireless mouse.
  4. shadman2

    shadman2 Member

  5. horsis

    horsis Member

    does support wireless keyboard?
  6. gadgetgoose

    gadgetgoose New Member

    Hi, can you show of which model you have. I've just bought some to sell on my site and like to know which brand has the best performance at the moment. And does anyone know if the latest update solved the intergration problems? thanks

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