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  1. LogumDev

    LogumDev New Member

    Hi all, I would like to announce my first app .. to hear some of your opinions ..

    It's called Actions Planned, and performs planning tasks .. such as sending SMS, post on Facebook ... and much more.

    The application is on the market from yesterday,.. and there are many ideas to implement and improvements to be made yet .. The code is not yet optimized the best, but I'm working on ..
    The functions are:

    -Sending SMS
    -Post on Facebook with pictures or text link (at present only on your wall)
    -Post on Twitter
    -Audio Control
    Control network-wifi / mobile
    Cleaning clear cache and cookies
    -Notification with reminder function

    And 'possible to add functions to favorites, and check what you used more as a percentage through a graph. E 'can also manage the list of planning, read more info or delete items.

    For more info or to see the screen:
    Standard Edition
    FREE Edition:

    I hope you like it, bye :)

  2. Roberto85

    Roberto85 New Member

    mmm great,i almost buy
  3. LogumDev

    LogumDev New Member

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